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    Timothy Stubs

    Partner, Dentons

    "Denis demonstrated excellent knowledge of the legal and business sides of transactions. He is without a doubt both a talented professional and entrepreneur; ... " 

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    Michael Winn

    Senior Consultant at Kortina Advisory and BSN Group

    "Denis has a keen legal brain but is also pragmatic in finding flexible solutions to the many issues which arise in putting deals together!"


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    Todd Culyba

    Partner at Dentons

    "Denis is a lateral thinker with a great attitude and a keen ability to get the job done."

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    Andrei Joosten

    Managing Director of Lincoln International

    "Denis is a reputable individual in the field of M&A business and investent banking. He has become known as such during his career based on his continuous endeavors of business development"

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    Judith Aron

    Senior Associate at Salans

    "Denis is a great banking & finance lawyer! He'd explain the most sophisticated stuctures in plain language .. you'd believe it is as simple as he says ..."

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    Sergei Dubovik 

    Director, Deloitte, Consulting

    "I worked with Denis on several M&A and restructuring projects and had been always impressed by his level of expertise and commitment. I am looking forward to working with him again and achieve great results as usually."