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The Prophet's Lament

(Orpheus' Tale)

· song,orpheus,prophets

Verse 1:
In Thrace, a bard named Orpheus was born,
His lyre could tame the beast and stone,
A gift from muses, his life adorned,
But fate had plans to make him moan.

Orpheus,the prophet, the lonely soul,
His heart was burning, like Danko's coal,
He ventured deep to the Underworld,
To save his love, his fate unfurled.

Verse 2:
Eurydice, his heart's desire,
Her deathwould set his world on fire,
With lyre in hand, to Hades he went,
A glance forbidden, his love was spent.


Verse 3:
A prophet's life, a road of pain,
Unrecognized, their truths in vain,
They bearthe weight of wisdom's load,
And face the world, their hearts corrode.



Who knowsif gods will praise their name,
When they ascend, their mortal flame,
What matters most, is how they lived,
And touched our souls, their love they gave.

Verse 4:
From Orpheus' tale, a lesson learned,
And Danko's heart, which brightly burned,
May we not let our fears prevail,
But cherish those whose gifts unveil.


Orpheus, the prophet, the bard divine,
His music lives, through space and time,
A burning heart, a lonely soul,
Forever in our hearts, he'll roll.