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Sanctioning the Accomplices? Can we at least sanction the Executioneers?

1. Sancioneeing the Executioneers. Sanctioning lower-level freedom of speech oppressors in Russia, as well as in other countries, is an essential step towards promoting and protecting human rights and democratic values. History has shown us that impunity for human rights abuses at any level can lead to a deterioration of the rule of law and democratic institutions. Here are some historical examples:

  1. Ancient Rome: The Roman Republic, which was founded in 509 BCE, established the concept of legal accountability for public officials, which was crucial in promoting the rule of law. Roman magistrates, for example, were held accountable for their actions and could be prosecuted for violating the law. This system of accountability helped to prevent abuses of power and ensured that officials were held responsible for their actions.
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  1. The Nuremberg Trials: The Nuremberg Trials, which were held after World War II, prosecuted high-ranking Nazi officials for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The trials established the principle that individuals could be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their official position or rank. This principle has been instrumental in promoting accountability for human rights abuses, and it has been applied in many other international tribunals since then.
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  1. South Africa: In the aftermath of apartheid, South Africa established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to investigate human rights abuses that were committed during the apartheid era. The TRC provided amnesty for those who came forward and admitted their crimes, but it also held those who did not come forward accountable for their actions. This process helped to promote reconciliation and accountability, and it has been used as a model for other transitional justice processes around the world.
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In the context of Russia, sanctioning lower-level freedom of speech oppressors can be a powerful tool in promoting accountability and protecting human rights. By holding officials accountable for their actions, regardless of their rank or position, it sends a message that human rights abuses will not be tolerated, and it helps to build a culture of respect for the rule of law. Sanctions can include asset freezes, visa bans, and other measures aimed at putting pressure on officials who are responsible for human rights abuses.

It is worth noting that sanctions alone are not a panacea, and they need to be coupled with other measures to promote human rights and democracy. These can include diplomatic engagement, support for civil society organizations, and efforts to promote good governance and the rule of law. However, sanctions can be an important part of a broader strategy to promote human rights and hold officials accountable for their actions.

Back in the time when I only came to the US I applied a lot of efforts to keep the criminal thugs accountable and I wrote thousands of letters to various people, organizations and societies, trying to warn people of the imminently approaching attack at the Western values and the mere existence of the civilization, to no avail of course.

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In my attempts to attract the attention I would put together specific addresses showing the names and crimes of relevant people like what you are going to see below.

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By all means the Western civilization fully deserves what it is going to experience in the future as designed by people, who, for example are planning to assist in a Civil War inciting in the United States aimed at the splitting the United States of America into 3 countries.

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Stupidity and carelessness are not the lack of intelligence and attention but merely character traits and the Universe is now polishing these traits at the exence of the Western civilization. If the lesson again escapes our attention, the lesson is going to be paid in lives, not in currencies anymore.

2. Sanctioneeing the Accomplices. Sanctioning those who support dictatorship supporters within Western society can be a complex issue, as it requires a clear understanding of the individual's actions and their impact on society. Here are some potential steps that can be taken to address this issue:

  1. Investigate and identify individuals who support dictatorship supporters: In order to sanction those who support dictatorship supporters, it is important to have a clear understanding of their actions and their potential impact on society. This requires a thorough investigation to identify individuals who may be supporting dictatorship supporters, whether through financial support, political advocacy, or other means.
  2. Enact targeted sanctions: Once individuals who support dictatorship supporters have been identified, targeted sanctions can be enacted to put pressure on them and discourage them from continuing their activities. These sanctions can include financial measures, such as asset freezes and restrictions on financial transactions, as well as diplomatic measures, such as travel bans and restrictions on participation in international organizations.
  3. Promote public awareness: Raising public awareness about the activities of individuals who support dictatorship supporters can help to build a broader understanding of the issue and encourage public pressure for action. This can include media coverage, social media campaigns, and public demonstrations to highlight the negative impact of these activities on democracy and human rights.
  4. Support civil society organizations: Supporting civil society organizations that work to promote democracy and human rights can be an effective way to counter the activities of those who support dictatorship supporters. These organizations can provide support and resources to individuals and groups who are working to promote democratic values and hold those in power accountable for their actions.

I am positive that as at the day of this article, exactly nothing is being done in this derection: otherwise a ton of bureucrats would already be at the Cote d'Azur chique hotels conferences organizing committes and the committees subsections on the public awareness.

Ultimately, the issue of sanctioning those who support dictatorship supporters within Western society is complex and requires a multifaceted approach. By investigating and identifying individuals who support dictatorship supporters, enacting targeted sanctions, promoting public awareness, and supporting civil society organizations, we can help to promote democratic values and protect our society from those who seek to undermine them.