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Melody of the Ancestral Skies

· poetry

In the heart of winter's embrace, where crystal snowflakes interlace,

There dwells Suor, raven of white, a mystic bird in endless flight.

From childhood's dawn, she learned to speak, in tongues of nature, soft and meek,

Her voice a harmony of wild, a song that whispered, calm and mild.


Breath of reindeer in her tune, beneath the bright, embracing moon,

In OLOX dreams, her visions soar, where truths unite and spirits roar.

To New York's skyline, she took wing, over oceans, her song to sing,

Upon St. Paul and Andrew's sight, she perched in gentle, quiet light.


Her song began, a flowing stream, a melody like a waking dream,

Invoking ancestors, time-honored and sage, their wisdom penned on life's vast page.

"In us, their hopes and dreams flow free, guiding our steps in harmony,

Our path, a river, winding, vast, their legacy in our hearts cast.


Through cosmos wide, we glide and roam, starlit skies our endless home,

Emotions kindle stars above, igniting heavens with our love.

We're spies of space, in endless flight, creating stars in the deep night,

Our journey weaves a celestial glow, in this universe, we ebb and flow.


Remember, as my song unfurls, we're part of something beyond our worlds,

Our ancestors' love, a guiding light, leading us through the darkest night."


Thus sang the Snow Raven, Suor, her voice a stream of ancient lore,

In the city's heart, her hymn did ring, a reminder of the joy we bring.

In every step, in every space, we're part of a grand, celestial grace,

Travelers on a timeless tide, with ancestral spirits by our side.