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Echoes on the Road

A song

Trucks along the highway, dust cloud srise at dawn,
Why do my legs hum with aches as the night is drawn?
I traverse on foot, wherever I may roam,
With my heavy, dusty sack, a burden all my own.

In the silence of the morning, under the awakening sky,
I find my strength in solitude, as the world passes by.
With every step, a story, a journey undefined,
In the echoes of my footsteps, the dreams I hope to find.

A scooter on the sidewalk, outpaces anymule,
Recalling tales by Dr. Seuss, his verses cool and true.
With tigers and with elephants, hispages richly filled,
While store rooms and the trucks, with golden dreams are spilled.

As the day unfolds before me, in shadesof gray and blue,
I'm chasing shadows, chasing dreams, in search of something true.
With every turn, a lesson, a chance to start anew, In the rhythm of the road,
I find my way through.

By day as dark as night, we speak with clear conviction,
Breaking cycles, chasing light, amidst the friction.
Planes beneath the clouds, in thevastness, soar and glide,
Between what I can and cannot, in this journey,
I confide.

Visualize the goal you seek, a beacon in the night,
A universal law, a guiding, shining light.
Dream and play, let your visions, everyday unfold,
Visualize what you seek, and watch the tales untold.

In the whispers of the wind, beneath the starry sky,
I carry on, with dreams in tow, under the watchful eye.
With every step, a melody, a song that's just begun,
On this road, I walk alone, but in my heart, I'm not the one.