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New York Real Estate After "Brexit"

Immediate consequences after the hectic summer of 2016

Prime Minister Theresa May called cabinet ministers to a brainstorming session about the withdrawal, pledging to examine “the next steps” for Britain and to identify “opportunities that are now open to us as we forge a new role” in the world.aph text here. Though we are sure that along the four decades route of European integration Britain has integrated so deeply, and embedded itself in the 28-nation bloc, that there is no easy escape way, yet the Brexit consequences for the US economy may be notable.

We have not seen a sharp increase of the real estate investors profile in the most recent time in New York, but an expected slowdown of the real estate market in New York, has not taken place, despite that it was well anticipated. Moreover, the prices for the rent, lease and sale of real estate in New York have again gone up in August and September. The investors from Asia maintain a high profile on the New York market and it looks like some of the funding to be placed in London, may have been diverted to New York.

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